Providing cutting edge, integrative and evidence-based care, proven effective with depression and anxiety, life transitions; pregnancy, parenting, ageing, loss, and caring for a parent or loved one during a health crisis or decline.

“In my years of practicing therapy, I have been honored to help many people overcome a wide range of personal obstacles. By treating my clients as unique individuals with differing challenges, needs and desires, I am able to provide a treatment plan tailored to each client’s situation.”
Dr. Holland’s practice is process and solution focused with outcomes aimed at symptom reduction and increased joy. She uses a combination of therapeutic approaches and techniques to help patients successfully make the changes they most want to see in themselves.

Healthcare Providers

For healthcare providers dealing with work stress staying with the job can be overwhelming. Get more info …

Grief & Bereavement

Grief & Bereavement

Life Transitions Therapy for caregivers of the critically ill and those who have lost a loved one.  Get more info …

Living with Disabilities

For those living with a disability being disabled can be mentally challenging.   Get more info …


Alcohol & Drug Addiction

Dr. Holland provides advanced treatments for managing compulsive behaviors & addictions. Get more info …

Anxiety & Depression

Anxiety & Depression

Anxiety can be overwhelming. It can cause diminishing self-confidence and peace of mind. Get more info …

Relationship Therapy

Relationship Therapy

Everyday stressors can put strain on any relationship, particularly intimate relationships. Get more info …

I have been honored to be present when Dr Holland spoke to a gathering on the subject of autism and Asperger’s. Her presentation was not only accurate and comprehensive but also beautifully empathetic. Since I am on the spectrum, and was diagnosed in my retirement years, this is particularly meaningful to me. I have been living my undiagnosed self all my life, and have now studied what this means and has meant to me for quite a while now. Thank you very much Dr. Jenny.


~Robin Birdfeather BA,MTPT, CFS